- Who are we and why should you buy from us?


The FindMyMattress challenge is to provide you with the Best Sleep Solution at the Most Affordable Price. Great quality does not always have to be expensive, especially in mattresses today. Advancements in manufacturing and technology have allowed us to reduce our costs and pass that on to you. Our mattresses possess the same, and in many ways superior, qualities as our “Tempurmental” competitors, but at a remarkable price. Whether it’s Memory Foam Mattresses or Natural Eco-Friendly Latex and Organic mattresses, depending upon the model, we can save you between 30-60% off the other major brands while making a contribution to the Disabled Veterans of America at no cost to you. How do we do this, you ask? We accomplish this by researching the top manufacturers for our product line while keeping our own operational cost to a minimum:

FindMyMattress™ is a 100% virtual company which allows us to utilize today’s technology to efficiently run our business remotely instead of the traditional "brick and mortar" storefronts and back-offices of our competitors. All personnel from the CEO to our Sleep Health Specialists work from home offices. It keeps our expenses down and minimizes our carbon footprint which is good for the environment.

In lieu of expensive advertising campaigns, we rely heavily on "word of mouth" and social networking referrals. Our strategy is a simple one. Provide you with an incredible customer experience, one that will make you want to write a positive review and share your wise investments with others!

We provide the same technology benefits available from other major manufacturers:

FindMyMattress, like Tempur-Pedic®, offer s NASA /Open Cell Technology incorporating the latest innovations available while providing the pressure relief you need for a great night’s sleep.

High Density (HD) Memory Foam infrastructure provides you with unparalleled durability while supporting each contour of your body, no matter what that might be!

High-Tech Channel Ventilation System provides the coolest and most comfortable sleep possible.

The latest technological improvements Research and Development has to offer at 30-60% lower than our distinguished competitors. On top of this we make a $10 contribution to the Disabled Veterans of America for each mattress purchased.

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our "Best in Class" memory foam, latex and organic sleep systems. To prove it, we offer a 90-Day Sleep Trial and a 20 Year Warranty that are among the strongest in the industry. Plus, we offer an everyday Low Price Guarantee and Free Shipping, in addition to Tax-Free shopping.

We offer several mattress lines which are designed to meet the needs of most consumers…

Our CradleSoft Memory Foam Collection of mattresses, toppers and pillows are the best available and are comparable to Tempur-Pedic ® and other leading manufacturers.

Our Memory Foam Cashmere Collection adds that level of luxury unavailable elsewhere!

Our CoolMax Memory Foam Collection provides you with the elements of the coolest night’s sleep possible.

Our Our Eco-Friendly Collection has been expanded to include a full assortment of organic and natural mattresses, pillows and toppers pads. Our GOTS Certification is the highest organic accreditation standard available internationally.

Look for our GEO-Memory Foam Collection coming soon. This is the first Eco-Friendly Memory Foam line available.

In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to optimize their expenses to insure they are getting the best value available. FindMyMattress understands this and will do everything in our power to insure you are getting the best sleep solution money can buy! (You just won’t need to spend that much money to attain it.)